General Tier List

GrimMechs' tier lists take each variant in the game and rate its best representive build against all other mechs. Builds are considered min-maxed, which may sometimes assume a high level of aptitude on part of the pilot. Engines and ammo counts provided are not necessarily gospel, but generally represent what the best players tend to use.

The General Tier List focuses on what is the best in the Quick Play meta, which is traditionally dominated by mid-range builds, but is generally applicable to all game modes.

Light Mechs


Medium Mechs

  • ClanmediumstandardlongVapor EagleVGL-1 Triple PPC
  • ISmediumstandardshortShadow HawkSHD-2K Brawl (XL)
  • ClanmediumstandardmediumViperVPR-C/F ERML LMG Skirmish
  • ClanmediumstandardshortViperVPR-C/F HMG w/micros
  • ISmediumstandardshortWolverineWVR-7K 3SRM6a
  • ClanmediumHerolongVapor EagleVGL-RI Poptart
  • ISmediumstandardmediumWolverineWVR-7K MRMs
  • ClanmediumstandardmediumVapor EagleVGL-1 Triple LPL
  • ISmediumstandardmediumPhoenix HawkPXH-1B LPPC
  • ClanmediumstandardmediumShadow CatSHC-any ECM Laservomit
  • ISmediumstandardmediumWolverineWVR-7D MRMs (MASC)
  • ISmediumstandardmediumBlackjackBJ-1X ERML poke

Heavy Mechs

  • ClanheavystandardmediumHellbringerHBR-any Laservomit w/LPL
  • ClanheavystandardmediumNight GyrNTG-any Laservomit
  • ISheavystandardlongJagermechJM6-DD UAC5
  • ClanheavyHeromediumOrion IICON1-IIC-SK LPL
  • ClanheavyHerolongNight GyrNTG-JK Gauss 3ERLL
  • ClanheavystandardlongNight GyrNTG-H GaussERLL
  • ClanheavystandardmediumNight GyrNTG-D AC10 PPFLD
  • ISheavyHeromediumWarhammerWHM-BW AC5 LPPC
  • ClanheavystandardlongSun SpiderSNS-D UAC2 farm
  • ClanheavystandardmediumSummonerSMN-G Laservomit
  • ClanheavystandardmediumSummonerSMN-any Dakka

Assault Mechs

  • ClanassaultstandardlongDire WolfDWF-C GaussERLL
  • ISassaultstandardmediumStalkerSTK-7D Laservomit (LPL)
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumWarhawkWHK-C 5LPL
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumBlood AspBAS-B Gauss + LPL
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumMarauder IICMAD-IIC-8 5LPL
  • ClanassaultstandardlongWarhawkWHK-Prime Quad PPC (DPS)
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumMarauder IICMAD-IIC Laservomit (burst)
  • ClanassaultHeromediumMad Cat Mk IIMCII-DS Gaussvomit
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumExecutionerEXE-any Quad LPL
  • ISassaultstandardmediumNightstarNSR-10P Dakka XL
  • ClanassaultstandardlongHighlander IICHGN-IIC-A ERPPC (poptart)
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumExecutionerEXE-A Laservomit
  • ISassaultHeromediumMarauder IIMAD-AL Dakka + LPPC
  • ClanassaultHerolongBlood AspBAS-RA ERLL (backups)
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumMad Cat Mk IIMCII-B Dakka
  • ISassaultstandardmediumHatamoto-chiHTM-27W Dakka
  • ClanassaultstandardlongMarauder IICMAD-IIC ERPPC
  • ClanassaultstandardlongMad Cat Mk IIMCII-1 GaussERLL
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumKodiakKDK-3 Quad AC10
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumDire WolfDWF-C LPL boat
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumMad Cat Mk IIMCII-1 Gauss+LPL
  • ClanassaultstandardmediumMarauder IICMAD-IIC-2 HLL ERML
  • ClanassaultHeromediumWarhammer IICWHM-IIC-ML Gaussvomit
Work in progress!
All ratings removed while we start from scratch post-Cauldron.