The Nova is a squat Clan omnimech that specialises in a skirmishing playstyle, most often in close quarters. It has the ability to mount a huge quantity of energy weapons, which combined with its low available tonnage (a meager 13.5 tonnes), means it typically only boats many lightweight weapons. Due to the flexible nature of omnimechs and a lacking of CT weapon hardpoints, almost all builds can be run on any of the Nova variants to a degree.

The Nova can be a very squishy mech with easily targeted components, especially if its pilot decides to simple stare at enemy mechs head on. Despite this weakness the Nova has the ability to utilise its strange shape, agility and JJs to spread damage throughout the entire chassis. Shooting and then immediately twisting side to side while feathering JJs will ensure incoming damage is spread between the torsos, legs and arms, turning the Nova from a fragile 50-tonner with minor structure quirks into a mech that can absorb a lot more damage than it would first appear.

The vast majority of the Nova's weapon hardpoints reside in its arms. Although this means it is more vulnerable to losing the weapons, it allows for excellent vertical shooting despite mediocre torso pitch. This combined with the five locked JJs enables the Nova to perform short-range 'poptart' attacks over cover, utilising its arm mounted lasers and skirmishing playstyle to excellent effect. Lower Arm Actuators are mandatory to take on most Nova builds due to the flexibility they allow in this type of playstyle.

The Nova does not have the tonnage (due to the lack of Endo/Ferro and locked JJs) to mount heavy missile and/or ballistic weapons in a meaningful fashion, hence a focus on energy based weaponry is preferred. Although single heavy ballistic + light energy builds can be made, they are done better by a large number of other medium mechs instead.

Variants LA LT CT RT RA HD JJs MASC MaxEng Accel Twist Pitch
NVA-PRIME66 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o
NVA-B1211 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o
NVA-S3223 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o
NVA-A111 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o
NVA-C111 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o
NVA-D11 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o
NVA-BKH2223 5 FALSE 250 29.3 kph/s 100o @ 99.0o/s 20o


The Nova doesn't possess any weapon hardpoints in the CT, and the variants are differentiated with only minor quirks, so realistically most builds for the Nova can be done on any of the CTs you like. However, the Prime CT is marginally the best.

Laser brawl

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 14 Apr 2019

A highly heat-efficient DPS brawler. cSPL and cERUL do not have combined ghost heat and share a very similar recycle, allowing for easily synced shots while brawling. A targeting computer is added for crit potential instead of a DHS because heat isn't a major issue with this build, and the Active Probe is simply there for a lack of better equipment to spend the leftover half-ton.

By giving up two micros, you can use the NVA-D side torsos which grant much-needed extra armour: Laser brawl (+armour)

Machine guns are possible, but generally best avoided because they require too much facetime: Laser brawl (+MGs)

This build is also possible with an extra micro laser by using the Hero side torso.

Poptart (torsos)

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 14 Apr 2019

This build lacks the heat and velocity quirks from the NVA-A So8, but gets superior torso mounts and an extra DHS, thus performing similarly. It is up to you whether you prefer the quirked So8 build or this torso mounted version.

HSL Burst Brawler

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 27 Mar 2019

A terrifyingly hot burst brawling build that is able to deal around 90 pinpoint laser damage in just over 2 seconds. This build must fire its weapons in three groups (5 + 5 + 4) each spaced a half-second apart in order for it to avoid game-ending ghost heat. An extra laser can be added with the Hero omnipod.

Burst Brawler (HMG)

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 26 Mar 2019

A strong and heat efficient burst brawler that can open a mech in one 65 damage (stagger fired) alpha and then finish off the component with high DPS HMGs. Severly limited range and long laser cooldowns mean caution is necessary at all times. The initial engagement with this mech should result in the enemy mech being crippled after the first few second to be viewed as successful. The HMGs can be switched to regular Machine Guns if more range and ammo is preferred.

DPS Brawl

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 16 Dec 2022

When you're planning for a long sustained brawl where heat is a big factor, bring this build. You can technically get more DPS by using micro pulse instead, but this version with SPL gets you more concentrated alpha which is generally better.


The Nova Prime has marginally useful So8 quirks: cERML heat and a reduction to overheat damage. Any builds which use only the 6-energy arms will be best on this variant, and many builds are better when optimised to use this So8.

ERSL Skirmish

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 26 Mar 2019
12x cERSL + cTC1 + cLAP  

Classic 12 ERSL skirmishing Nova. This mech can deliver 60 damage to an enemy mech time and time again thanks to the Prime chassis' energy heat reduction quirks and 22 DHS. Lower arm actuators are a must on this build, meaning it has no room for additional heatsinks. The Nova D side torsos can be taken instead of the Prime STs, losing the -5% energy heat, but gaining 10+ ST armour each. ERSL must only be shot 6 at a time (one arm and then the other) to avoid ghost heat. Alpha striking this mech will result in an immediate shutdown from 0% heat on every Map in the game.

SPL brawl

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 26 Oct 2021
12x cSPL  

A highly efficient, high DPS brawling build. This mech makes short work of almost anything provided it can close the distance to engage. The Nova's short profile and ample JJs help ensure it can move within range and potentially escape if outnumbered. You must fire pairs of 6, you cannot alpha all 12 through the ghost heat.

Running this build with all Prime pods offers the most damage output, although an alternative option is swapping in the NVA-D side torsos for their noticeable durability bonus.


Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 26 Mar 2019
1x cHLL + 6 cERML  

A mid-ranged build for the Nova that has a decent alpha and a plethora of quirks and heatsinks to keep it cool. Played as a mid range skirmishing mech this build is able to deliver 55 damage alphas at a range most other Novas cannot engage with at all. Alternative mid ranged laser vomit builds include: 6 ERML all mounted in one arm for excellent heat efficiency and side peeking profile, 6 ERML + 6 ERSL for a hybrid mid range / short range laser skirmisher, and the 2 ERLL + 4-6 ERML for an extremely hot higher alpha/range variant.

Medium Lasers

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 23 Jan 2022
12x cERML  

A strong mid ranged option for the Nova. This build trades the ability to alpha strike without ghost heat for better sustained DPS and one type of weapon system.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 14 Apr 2019
6x cERML + 6x cERSL  

A mixed build with high burst at close range, yet enough range for poking, which makes this a very flexible skirmisher. Try to avoid brawling when you can, though the cERSL's when used alone are adequate DPS when you are pushed upon.


The Nova S is the only variant with a CT hardpoint, and it is AMS. Use this variant if you want if you want to run a triple AMS build, otherwise don't bother running AMS at all.

The Nova S also has decent So8 quirks for both machine guns and medium pulse, which are both worth building around.


Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 4 Jan 2021
12x cERSL + 3x cAMS  

The best triple AMS boat in the game as it can actually do significant damage and not sacrifice too much in order to fit in the AMS and ammo needed. This build will severly impede ATM, LRM, and MRM boat's damage output allowing your team to close the distance and retain their armour. Plays like a slightly hotter variant of the Prime 12 ERSL build. One AMS can be switched to a Laser AMS if you want to ensure you never run out of ammo, although the build becomes significantly hotter.

Laser Brawl w/AMS

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 26 Oct 2021
6x cSPL + 6x cERUL + 3x cAMS  

A more heat efficient variation on SPL brawlers, this affords enough tonnage to run AMS and brawl with decent DPS at the same time. It can also alpha all weapons with no heat penalty. It trades away sheer damage output to heavily reduce incoming missile damage and provide team support.


Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 23 Jan 2022
6x cMPL  

A short to mid range skirmisher build that takes advantage of the So8 and Omnipod quirks that total to -10% Clan Medium Pulse Laser Heat and 10% range. It is played similarly to both the 12 ERSL builds and the laser vomit builds, using the shorter burn duration/cooldown and longer range to deliver damage with reduced face time. This build can also be used with 3 AMS at the loss of the So8 bonus and 3-4 DHS.

Wubs + LMG

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 23 Jan 2022
6x cMPL + 4x cLMG  

A similar 6 MPL build that drops heatsinks in favour for LMGs, enabling the Nova to crit out open components at a similar range to its primary weapons. Regular Machine Guns can be used as well, but they suffer from the significantly reduced range.


The Nova A CT has nothing special, but the So8 has quirks that benefit a cERPPC poptart. Considering this variant has only three energy hardpoints there really isn't any other So8 build worthwhile.


Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 23 Jan 2022
2x cERPPC  

The So8 omnipod quirks provide a noticeable boost in cERPPC heat and velocity, however the bonuses are offset by having slightly poorer convergence and having to lose a heatsink in order to armour up the arm. Remember to use armlock on this build to ensure both PPCs go to the same location.

As an alternative, 2-3 DHS can be dropped and 2 AMS can be added to the build.

See NVA-any for a similar build that uses only torso mounts instead.


While the Nova B CT is not unique the so8 offers a large 15% cooldown quirk for the weapon systems it is able to equip. This combined the B arm omnipod quirks enables a few interesting builds.


CT and So8 are either useless or do not have a bonus over any other variant. Refer to NVA-any for applicable builds.


CT and So8 are either useless or do not have a bonus over any other variant. Refer to NVA-any for applicable builds.


The hero, like most variants, has a generic CT and worthless So8 quirks. The reason you might want to own this hero is the C-Bill boost because it can run literally any of the Nova builds, and it does have some unique omnipods which are marginally useful.

Burst Brawl

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 26 Mar 2019
15x cHSL  

While all Novas can do 14 HSL, the hero omnipod allows you to add one more laser. This is terrifyingly hot, but able to dish out over 90 pinpoint damage in nearly 2 seconds. This build must fire its weapons in three groups (5 + 5 + 5) each spaced a half-second apart in order for it to avoid game-ending ghost heat.

Micro Wubs

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 4 Jul 2019
6x cSPL + 9x cUPL  

Incredibly high (but unsustainble for long periods of time) DPS build with no range or heat efficiency that packs an enormous sustained punch under 100m. It can use any CT but requires hero left torso. It is arguable whether the two/three extra UPL are worth losing the Prime heatgen torsos or the D variant armour torsos. This build can also be done with ERUL instead of UPL, but again that is better off done with the Prime variant.

SRM Brawl

Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 31 Jul 2019
3x cSRM6a + 6x cERSL  

The only viable Nova build to use missiles requires the Hero left arm Omnipod to work. This build has similar sustained DPS and damage to the 12 ERSL Prime Build, with the added ability to simply alpha strike all the weapons at the same time. Other options include dropping the lasers completely and running 4 SRM6A which can make for a nice frontloaded damage mech, but other chassis such as the Huntsman do the job far better.

Poptart (backups)

Added by Bowser / Last updated: 23 Jan 2022
2x cERPPC + 12x cERUL  

The double energy left torso allows you to run the empty NVA-Prime RT for a small quirk. You can do a similar build without the hero by running a different RT without the quirk.

Quick info:
Clan medium
50-ton omnimech
Locked Eng 250 (81kph)

Solaris7 coming soon
Public Vote coming soon

NVA-anyLaser brawl
NVA-anyPoptart (torsos)