Announced: 6-Mar-2019 // Release date: 18-Jun-2019 // Available for C-Bills: 1-Dec-2019

This is theorycraft for an unreleased mech. We generally do not recommend buying mechs until they are released into the game and play-tested by other players - unless you simply don't care how they perform.

The Dervish is one of the oldest and most prevalent designs in the Inner Sphere. It is a 55-ton medium with strictly missile/energy hardpoints, jumpjets, and a high engine cap. Although each variant is quite unique and boasts a wide range of possible loadouts, the variety is very subtle.

Nearly every variant is suited to SRM brawl. Although MRMs are possible on the Dervish, other chassis such as the Wolverine will likely remain superior due to their quirks. So if you don't like SRMs or Streaks, this mech is not for you. Yes, you can run LRMs on it, and it might get quirked for LRMs specifically.

The Dervish has large side torsos - like a Quickdraw but much more pronounced. This makes running XL a risky proposition. If the hitboxes are too bad, this mech could be forced to run Light Engines more often, which leads to builds either running too slow, or lacking in firepower. However, like an Enforcer, the Dervish should be able to spread damage fairly well by twisting. As such, its survivability will depend highly upon what baseline agility stats it will get.

This mech has missile bay doors. When a bay door on a side torso is closed (a weapon must be equipped!) that side torso receives reduced incoming damage. Adding Rocket Launchers to these slots is be a cheap way to boost durability. Unfortunately, most builds use those missile bays for primary weapons, so they won't be closed very often to provide their benefit.

The arms look like they could be fragile, like the Phoenix Hawk's. However, their positioning means they will also likely not be effective as shields, either. This could prove fatal to the many builds that rely on these arms, and we can't predict how this will turn out in game. Similar to the Kintaro and Trebuchet, missiles in the Dervish's arms might also suffer from wide convergence - making them less accurate against faster targets even in close quarters. The variants with more torso hardpoints as such will likely be strongly preferred.

Other mechs with similar flavour:
    - Griffin (any)
    - Wolverine (WVR-7K)
    - Bushwacker (BSW-P1)
    - Kintaro (any)
    - Trebuchet (TBT-LG)
    - Quickdraw (QKD-IV4)
    - Champion (CHP-INV)

Should you buy?

    - Standard Pack
Offers sufficient variety if you're looking specifically for 50 shades of missile boat. The variants in here are likely to be both effective and fun to play... if they get good stats.

    - Reinforcement Add-on
The DV-6Mr relies on its arms much like a Phoenix Hawk, it might be a dud. Or it might be fun and effective. Depends on quirks, hitboxes, and agility stats. The DV-7P is unique in that it can PPC poptart, but it is unlikely to perform to the same standard as the Griffin "Sparky" barring quirks.

    - Collectors Pack
The DV-6M(S) will be highly dependent on quirks. Without decent quirks, it will be a middling variant, not worth having a C-Bill boosted version.

    - Hero Add-on
The hero could be the strongest variant in the pack. The "Frenzy" is to the Dervish as the "Pahket" is to the Huntsman. You can do good builds without the hero, but the hero will offer better optimisation, and just... more.

Variants LA LT CT RT RA HD JJs MASC MaxEng Accel Twist Pitch
DV-6M211121 5 FALSE 360 0.0 kph/s 0o @ 0.0o/s 0o
DV-7D121112 5 FALSE 360 0.0 kph/s 0o @ 0.0o/s 0o
DV-8D2222 5 FALSE 360 0.0 kph/s 0o @ 0.0o/s 0o
DV-6Mr3113 5 FALSE 360 0.0 kph/s 0o @ 0.0o/s 0o
DV-7P121112 5 FALSE 360 0.0 kph/s 0o @ 0.0o/s 0o
DV-FRH2222 5 FALSE 360 0.0 kph/s 0o @ 0.0o/s 0o


This is the base variant of the chassis, and thus the Special variant for the Collectors Pack.

Four missile plus four energy in a medium mech is a new unique hardpoint configuration for MWO - the closest analogue we currently have is the Catapult hero, "Butterbee". Unfortunately for being the Collectors (S) variant, the hardpoints are strewn across the mech, which means convergence and fragility will be a major concern for most builds.

This variant is the most likely to get quirks that benefit SRMs.

SRM6a brawl

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

It's probably best you go XL for the benefit of speed and jumpjets to better get on top of your enemy where the relatively poor convergence will be less of an issue.

SRM6a brawl (+ERSL)

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

The addition of lasers to this build is an option we haven't had before now.

SRM6a brawl (LE)

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

If you're worried about survivability, you'll have to deal with going significantly slower.

SRM4a brawl

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

More, and better quality firepower than just plain 4x SRM6a, but obviously suffers in heat efficiency. You can run ERSL instead, but the lack of punch they add hardly justifies the quad SRM4a.


Added by Blaketown / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Torso hardpoints - perfect for MRMs which direly need the convergence advantage. Note that the DV-8D may be more efficient for this.

Arms could be stripped for more ammo or a jumpjet. Can fit at least an LE270 if you're willing to give up all of the heatsinks for the durability.

MRM60 (tanky)

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Same as above - arm hardpoints bad, but tanky side-torsos good. This build can actually be done on pretty much all of the variants. Whose to say one of them might turn out okay?


This variant is in the Standard Pack.

The DV-7D boasts six missile, which is really nice to have. Unfortunately, the added hardpoints are in the arms, which is just awkward because convergence and fragility concerns. The closest analogue we have to this in the game is the Bushwacker BSW-P1, which has tight convergence but poor geometry for tanking damage in a brawl. Whether this Dervish variant will sink or swim depends on whether it can hold onto its arms when shit hits the fan.

This variant is the most likely to get Streak related quirks.

6x SRM4

Added by Blaketown / Last updated: 6 Mar 2019

Decent burst, but needing to dodge ghost heat is rather annoying when it comes to SRMs.

DPS brawl

Added by Navid A1 / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

The DPS is high, the heat efficiency is decent, but the synergy and convergence will leave a lot to be desired.

SRM6a brawl

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

So having your SRMs in the arms is bad. But having the damage reduction side torsos is why you do it. Just hope the arms aren't flimsy.


This variant is in the Standard Pack.

The DV-8D has the same hardpoints as the base DV-6M, but all of the missiles are in the torsos instead, which is strictly superior. Not only is convergence better, but the arms can be stripped for extra tonnage if you don't want to use the energy hardpoints.

This variant appears unlikely to get stand-out quirks.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Three MRM20's is arguably the better way to run MRM60 - this costs less heat and has tighter spread while only weighing one ton more.

Can drop to XL270 and lose a heatsink to fit three jumpjets if you prefer them.

Don't try adding lasers - the cost of armouring up the arms so that you can put lasers in them is just too damn high.

SRM brawl (+ERSL)

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

A truly new and unique build, although slightly on the hot side. It may be tricky to keep the arms attached when brawling, but you may be more worried about your XL.

This can be run with LE280 if you drop to just the base 10DHS and 1 jumpjet - it'll be hot.

SRM brawl (LE)

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Identical to a GRF-2N without the ECM.


Reinforcement Add-on.

This is the "energy variant". It has six energy, just like the Griffin hero, "Sparky", and so it can do all the same builds. The only difference is, the DV-6Mr has all its energy solely in its arms (like a PXH-2), and two paltry missile hardpoints.

If you wish to run energy loadouts on this mech, you might want to equip Rocket Launchers in each of the side torsos. This occupies the missile bay doors so that you get the benefit of the bay door damage reduction when they are not in active use. Note that if the arms turn out to be fragile on the Dervish, the energy loadouts on this variant will likely be nign on useless trash.

Due to the awkwardness of the hardpoint configuration, this variant could receive decent generic quirks. If the missile hardpoints are heavily quirked, this might be a good variant to run MRMs on.

MPL+SRM brawl (SRM+)

Added by Blaketown / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

This is really very toasty, but at least it provides better concentrated fire than a pure SRM build, and more sheer damage output than a pure laser build. Most of your firepower is in the arms like a Phoenix Hawk, so expect that this could be on the fragile side.

MPL+SRM brawl (DHS+)

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Dropping the SRMs down for more sustained output. You can't drop the SRMs completely without upgrading the lasers, as 6MPL alone is too weak for a 55-tonner.

Pure MPL brawl

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Like the Griffin 'Sparky', 6MPL is paltry firepower for a 55-tonner, but we can't go without mentioning this build, as it will likely get played a lot. The Rocket Launchers are equipped solely to get the benefit of having operational missile bay doors for their passive damage reduction.

You could go with larger or smaller Rocket Launchers, and you can even take this thing to XL330 and above if you like, as heat won't be a problem with such meager weaponry.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

With the tiny RL10s, you can fit snug laservomit builds and keep the side torso bay door protection.

Can drop to longer duration standard Large Lasers to fit LE285, or a larger XL315 instead (or higher), all with the same cooling or better.

3x LL is possible, but your heat efficiency will suffer.

MRM50 + lasers

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

MRM50 is adequate if meager firepower on its own, and this adds some brawl lasers to it.

Upgrading to 2x MRM30 can be done by dropping to XL265 or lower. But being so slow and hot, it most likely won't be worth it.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Hot, with a somewhat weak, albeit concentrated alpha. The lasers comprise more of your effective firepower than the MRMs. Probably better off running pure lasers instead.


Reinforcement Add-on.

This is a mirror hardpoint configuration of the DV-6M. Which is to say for missile loadouts it is strictly worse, as everything is in the arms. Its unique and apocryphal characteristic, energy in the side torsos, is really only beneficial to PPC loadouts. Dual HPPC is an obvious choice, but ERPPC is an option as well. These loadouts can already be run verbatim on the hero Griffin "Sparky", which currently has a Heat Gen quirk, so whether a poptart DV-7P will be worthwhile depends on what quirks it gets.

Who knows what quirks this variant will get - PPC poptart aside, the hardpoints are bad, and it's up to quirks to save this variant.

HPPC poptart

Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Yes, like the Sparky, this can run PPCs, ERPPC, or HPPCs. This build will not be worth running without quirks - no Dervish variants equip PPCs of any kind, so the only quirk that could make this build worthwhile would be global Heat Gen.


Hero Add-on.

Like the Huntsman "Pahket", what we have here is some minor pay-to-win hardpoint creep. Not only does eight missile allow for same massive burst and DPS builds alike, but it allows you to run more optimised versions of the six-missile builds which were the only thing that the DV-7D had going for it.

This variant is unlikely to get any quirks, just a smattering of durability that just about all Inner Sphere mechs get for free anyways.

8x SRM4

Added by Blaketown / Last updated: 6 Mar 2019

The heat management will be garbage, the two-volley alpha to avoid ghost heat will be garbage... but the burst damage output will be insanely high.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Remember you cannot equip 8x SRM2, as that currently has ghost heat and it will add up quickly. This is penalty-free, runs pretty cool, and runs pretty fast. You can drop engine and LFerro to fit another jumpjet.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

Unlike 8x SRM4, you can actually alpha this.


Added by Tarogato / Last updated: 7 Mar 2019

The spread on the SRM6's without artemis is obviously worse than the SRM4's, but the net concentrated damage is a little higher. Whether it's worth an extra four-ton investment is up to you. This build is best used within ~50m of the enemy, you really need to facehug to milk the SRM6 non-artemis advantage.

Quick info:
InnerSphere medium
55-ton battlemech
Avg Engine 295 (86.9kph)

Solaris7 coming soon
Public Vote coming soon

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