Marauder II

The Marauder II is a 100-ton assault based on the original 75-ton Marauder with generally hybrid hardpoint layouts. With the exception of the energy and missile boat, most variants of this chassis are forced to mix disparate weapons more often than other 100-tonners, making them underwhelming on paper by comparison.

While the side torsos are generally easy to isolate, this makes the mech highly durable, especially when running non MAD-4HP variants, as they generally have the majority of their weapons all on one side of the 'mech, thus allowing the player to easily "deadside" their 'mech.
Dead side shielding basically means to use the left side of your 'mech to shield the right side. Due to the excellent hitboxes of the chassis as a whole, it can do this with superb ease. Decent quirks improve survivability, with the exception of the MAD-4HP which instead focuses purely on offense.

Variants LA LT CT RT RA HD JJs MASC MaxEng Accel Twist Pitch
MAD-4A332 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-4HP24421 3 FALSE 360 8.5 kph/s 70o @ 58.5o/s 20o
MAD-5A323 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-4L2ECM22 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-6S2212 4 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-ALH2222 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o


A heavy energy-focused variant that is limited to only 8 hardpoints like the ANH-1E, but with worse geometry and better quirks. A reasonable engine cap allows this mech to cram in more heatsinks, speed, and build variety than the Annihilator. It's exceptionally tanky like most MAD 2's, with excellent quirks all around to boot, with its main niche running an phenominally hard-hitting 8 LL build.

LL boat (LFE/Speed)

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 20 Mar 2023
8x LL (LE350)  

The best build for this variant, and the most unique build it can run. You get one of the largest laser alphas available to an IS mech, though it must be staggered into two volleys. Thanks to an HSL quirk, this build can fire 5+3 for improved frontloading compared to a standard 4+4 alpha. This build will out-trade almost anything else within its optimal range.

LL Boat

Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
8x LL (STD285)  

This build is a viable alternative to the LE build, trading speed for the ability to not send your heat through the roof for the rest of the match once you lose a side torso, preferably your left.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 20 Mar 2023
5x LPL + 3x ERML (LE350)  

This can alpha despite ghost heat, and with enough DHS and a heat quirk you can afford to do so quite often to win trades - the short burn duration is what makes this build strong.

Laservomit (BLC)

Added by SirEpicPwner / Last updated: 1 Sep 2023
3x BLC + 5x ERML (STD325)  


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
3x LPL + 5x MPL (STD310)  

A solid build archetype that has stood the test of time, with its main niche being dumping extremely high burst DPS when combined with its laser duration quirk. Slightly slower then what could be considered optimal, but the extra durability of the STD engine is well worth the loss of speed in most scenarios. Changing the engine to an LE is of course an optional upgrade for those who value speed above all else


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
6x ERLL + TC8 (LE325)  

Decent long-range specialist, but with only three of six lasers in high mounts, this mech needs to expose quite a bit to fire all weapons. Jumpjets help it navigate terrain more easily than many of its competitors, but it's considerably heavier than, and not really competitive with, established long-range favorites like the Battlemaster and Stalker. This is primarily due to lacking a range quirk that most of the best sniping mechs possess.


Nine missile hardpoints with the best possible convergence among Assault 'mechs opens the doors for brutal firepower, making this the most effective brawling variant. A phenomenal 15% SRM Range quirk means that when brawling, your max range is quite significantly beyond that which other Assault 'mech brawlers are capable of.

8x SRM6a

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
8x SRM6a (STD345)  

This is the primary build that the MAD-4HP is known for, and by a significant margin its most effective build. General gameplay is to shoot the left side, and then the right side, but due to the excellent convergence and mounts that all of its missile hardpoints have, the order you fire doesn't matter much, just don't ever alpha strike!


Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022

Slightly a one-trick build, with high heat, no benefit from the SRM range quirk present on the 'mech, and forced lock on. However, its burst DPS is still extremely high and you effectively cannot miss with this mech, which allows it to pulverize mechs up to 60 tons in one-on-one duels. However, you watch your heat bar if you have to manage multiple targets since you lack the precision to bore through multiple people per heat bar!

MRM-SRM brawl

Added by Bowser / Last updated: 19 May 2019
2x MRM30 + 6x SRM2 (STD325)  

This alpha is free of ghost heat. Remember that the MRMs aren't enough damage to trade with as an assault, so try to get only into situations where you can abuse the rate of fire of the SRMs. When you are heatcapped, use the SRMs because they are vastly more accurate.


This variant excels at boating pinpoint, without much focus elsewhere. Like most MAD 2 variants, it has a very specific niche of builds it runs extremely effectively due to very generous quirks, which include a general PPC HSL quirk, and a specific ERPPC HSL quirk.


Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
1x AC20 + 4x SNPPC (LE345)  

This build is one of the main hallmarks of the MAD-6S variant. Capable of outputting a whopping 54 pinpoint damage at close range, with good heat and cooldown rates to sustain damage output, as long as you can clear both your arms and land your shots, enemy mechs will explode very fast.

Quad EPPC + JJ

Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
4x ERPPC (LE335)  

This build isn't a paragon of DPS or sustained damage output. It's not even particularly effective at long range. But the ability of this mech to continually rattle off 40 pinpoint alphas, with acceptable heat management thanks to a total of -15% heat means that it still hits like an absolute truck even past 1km distance, with a lower profile and no gauss charge compared to the similarly pinpoint focused MAD-4L.
Its ability to pack 3 JJs combined with its JJ quirks and the JJ skills means it actually poptarts quite effectively, for a 100 ton behemoth with relatively low mounts.


Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
4x ERPPC (STD325)  

This build is a slight rehash of the primary 4 ERPPC + JJs build, trading away whatever poptart ability the 'mech had and a tiny bit of speed, for a standard engine, and an extra DHS.


This variant has the most ballistics, tied with the hero. They are low-mounted in the arms which are further slot-limited by the presence of lower arm actuators. However, the primary claim to fame with this variant is its ability to fire 2 Gauss and 2 ERPPC's without ghost heat, combined with ECM and JJ's.

Gauss + PPC

Added by Navid A1 / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022

The primary claim to fame of this variant. 50 pinpoint with no ghost heat out to obscene ranges, and with solid DPS and sustain thanks to some very generous quirks. It's extremely straightforward to play, but you do need to keep in mind the fairly poor convergence due to having all your weapons spread across the mech. This can make getting the full 50 pinpoint very difficult on small flying targets, or even some larger flying targets too.


Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022

While this build on the surface appears to be largely inferior to the tried and true classic of 2 Gauss + 2 ERPPC's, the reality is that at mid ranges it vastly exceeds the damage output of that build, while coming close to matching its pinpoint. This is greatly aided by the ECM that this variant carries.

Dakka (AC2)

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022

A long-range DPS-trade hybrid, with low mounts which means this build needs to present and try to assert dominance. This lacks the DPS and sustain of pure AC2 boats, and lacks the trade quality of pure trade assaults. However, ECM helps you to sustain fire for long enough to make an impact on the match.

Dakka (RAC2)

Added by Jay Z / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
4x RAC2 + ECM (STD325)  

Quad RAC2 does indeed have ghost heat, but with enough heatsinks you can just ignore it. Fire all four for decent mid-range burst potential, and you can drop to firing three when heatcapped if you really need the extra sustain.

PPFLD w/Stealth

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022

Missing an ERPPC and a not-insignificant amount of its firepower, this build relies on "abusing" the fact that stealth armor renders you un-targetable under most situations to allow more aggressive flank positioning


A eclectic variant at best, two ballistics and 6 energy all in the arms doesn't seem like a strong combo at first glance, but 10% cooldown and higher DPS Inner Sphere weapons means that it actually packs high combined ballistic and laser alphas with high DPS.

All of this combined with the ability to easily "deadside" due to forced standard engines on many builds means that the 'mech combines extreme durability with the aforementioned high DPS and alpha. Of course, this all comes at the cost of heat, this 'mech runs very hot on almost all builds.


Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
2x LB10 + 6x MPL (STD325)  

The most effective build for this slightly maligned variant. It does have high burst and high DPS, but equally high heat and too short range to really be comfortable to use. Make sure to always shield the right side of your 'mech, much like playing a giant Marauder.


Added by Bowser / Last updated: 28 May 2020

Solid alpha, high durability, and good sustain make this build solid, but nothing more.


Added by denAirwalkerrr / Last updated: 28 May 2020

It's a Boar's Head with worse quirks, but a lower profile, and the obvious benefit of being able to deadside with ease.


The Hero has a similar hardpoint layout to the MAD-4L. It has the most ballistic hardpoints, but they are low mounted in the arms which are further slot-limited by the presence of lower arm actuators.

How it differs from the 4L however is primarily by possessing some of the very best quirks for UAC's in the entire game. This allows extreme burst or sustain at a variety of range brackets, ensuring this variant sits near the very top of the firepower pile.

Dakka + LPPC

Added by Bowser / Last updated: 10 Apr 2023

This build is the pinnacle of Quad UAC based burst builds on this variant, maximizing optimized burst damage out to mid-range. If you see an enemy, warm up your mouse hand and get ready to mash your fire button until you heat cap or your enemy dies, usually the latter.

Long-Range Dakka

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 10 Jun 2022
4x UAC2 + 2x ERPPC (LE325)  

This build maximizes the ranged burst damage that this variant is capable of while utilizing all 4 ballistics. It will run hot when pressed, so while skilling it, perhaps drop to 1 ERPPC only and add more ammo or heatsinks to taste. Otherwise, get ready to start mashing your fire buttons and farming damage.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 28 May 2020

Brawl-centric build with some extra range thanks to well-quirked UAC10s. MRMs will need to be close to be truly effective, but let you farm some early damage when needed. This will heat-cap rapidly, leaving you with two quirked UAC10s to fall back on, but the burst DPS up to that cap is solid.

Quick info:
Marauder II
InnerSphere assault
100-ton battlemech
Avg Engine 325 (52.7kph)

A-tierx 1
Solaris7 coming soon
Public Vote coming soon

MAD-4ALL boat (LFE/Speed)
MAD-4LGauss + PPC
MAD-ALLong-Range Dakka