Marauder II

The Marauder II is a 100-ton assault based on the original 75-ton Marauder with generally hybrid hardpoint layouts. With the exception of the energy and missile boat, most variants of this chassis are forced to mix disparate weapons more often than other 100-tonners, making them underwhelming by comparison.

When equipping weapons other than missiles in the right torso, you'll get a large center-mounted gun above the cockpit. This dorsal gun counts toward the CT hitbox, meaning that the CT of the MAD-II can be targeted from literally any angle - it is impossible to shield. This devastating weakness can only be circumvented by not equipping weapons that occupy that mount.

While the side torsos are generally easy to isolate, decent quirks improve survivability, with the exception of the MAD-4HP which instead focuses purely on offense.

Variants LA LT CT RT RA HD JJs MASC MaxEng Accel Twist Pitch
MAD-4A332 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-4HP24421 3 FALSE 360 8.5 kph/s 70o @ 58.5o/s 20o
MAD-5A323 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-4L2ECM22 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-6S2212 4 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o
MAD-ALH2222 3 FALSE 360 10.8 kph/s 70o @ 63.0o/s 20o


A terrible energy variant which is limited to only 8 hardpoints like the ANH-1E, but with worse geometry and worse quirks. A reasonable engine cap allows this mech to cram in more heatsinks, speed, and build variety than the Annihilator, but that doesn't count for much when the end result is unadulterated mediocrity.

Two tons is a high price to pay for a jumpjet - compared to the already sub-300-engine ANH-1E, this mech can't really afford to boat enough SHS to get superior output. If you're going to play this mech, at least take advantage of its higher engine cap, it's the only thing it has going for it.

Laservomit w/ERLL

Added by Jay Z / Last updated: 22 May 2019
3x ERLL + 5x ERML (STD350)  

Low damage output for an assault, but it's still the best this variant can do.

Trading at extreme range with the high-mounted 3ERLL is tempting, but remember the enemy can see you before you can see them, and 3ERLL alone won't win any direct trades. The extra range is nice, but treat it like a normal midrange laservomit mech. You can swap to normal 3LL to run cooler.

Laservomit (LE)

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 19 May 2019
3x LPL + 5x ERML (LE360)  

Light Engine grants tonnage enough for 3LPL and more speed. The duration quirk is rather nice with the LPL+ERML synergy, and the DPS is comparable to 3LL+5ERML. You can swap to standard 5ML for more sustain, but the limited range is... well, limited.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 19 May 2019
3x LPL + 5x MPL (STD310)  

A bad combination of slow mech with considerably limited range, but a much punchier alpha and decent burst compared to laservomit builds.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 25 Apr 2019
6x LL (LE350)  

Simple staggered-alpha laservom build. Easy to play, but running at closer range than the ERLL version means people will be able to isolate your CT easily.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019
6x ERLL + TC8 (LE325)  

Decent long-range specialist, but with only three of six lasers in high mounts, this mech needs to expose quite a bit to fire all weapons. Jumpjets help it navigate terrain more easily than many of its competitors, but it's considerably heavier than, and not really competitive with, established long-range favorites like the Battlemaster and Stalker. Engaging at range does help deal with the Marauder II's vulnerable CT.


This is the only variant which can not get a dorsal gun, and so does not have the major glaring weakness that the Marauder II chassis has as a whole. Nine missile hardpoints with the best possible convergence opens the doors for brutal firepower, making this the most effective variant.

The hardpoints and quirks highly suggest rocket boating, which can be devastating, but it goes both ways - rockets are risky and you really should avoid using them as your "primary" weapon. The plethora of missile hardpoints does allow you to run relatively normal missile builds while adding lightweight rockets on top, however it's too much of a shame to give up the advantage of being able to massively boat real primary weapons that aren't spent after a single shot.

SRM6a + SRM4a

A-tierGen A-tierSpcl
Added by Bowser / Last updated: 22 May 2019
4x SRM6a + 4x SRM4a (LE340)  

This is how you boat SRMs on this mech. Decent speed to get into short range, and plenty of heatsinks.

8x SRM6a

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019
8x SRM6a (STD325)  

In order to fit maximum SRM, you have to make concessions. This lacks heatsinks, armour, and ammo. It also lacks speed, although you can drop a heatsink to up the engine as far as STD350 with further armour stripping.

Splat + ML

Added by Jay Z / Last updated: 19 May 2019

You sacrifice the accuracy of the SRMs to have four pinpoint lasers instead. This build is especially awkward because the SRMs must be fired in two volleys, and then the lasers sometimes have to be fired separately because they are hitscan unlike the missiles.

MRM-SRM brawl

Added by Bowser / Last updated: 19 May 2019
2x MRM30 + 6x SRM2 (STD325)  

This alpha is free of ghost heat. Remember that the MRMs aren't enough damage to trade with as an assault, so try to get only into situations where you can abuse the rate of fire of the SRMs. When you are heatcapped, use the SRMs because they are vastly more accurate.


A terrible variant - two ballistic in the same torso isn't much to work with, and six energy on a 100-ton assault is a rather poor match. This runs similar builds to the Atlas "Boars Head", albeit with jumpjets and the extra ballistic.


C-tierGen C-tierSpcl
Added by Krasnopesky / Last updated: 22 May 2019
2x LB10 + 6x MPL (STD325)  

Similar in damage output to a quad LB10 mech, but with pinpoint lasers and the heat issues that come with them.


Added by denAirwalkerrr / Last updated: 19 May 2019

It's a Boar's Head with worse quirks, but a lower profile.


This variant has the most ballistics, like the hero. They are low-mounted in the arms which are further slot-limited by the presence of lower arm actuators. While this variant does offer ECM, the build diversity and builds themselves are rather underwhelming.

Dakka (AC2)

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019

A long range DPS-trade hybrid, with low mounts which means this build needs to present and try to assert dominance. This lacks the DPS and sustain of pure AC2 boats, and lacks the trade quality of pure trade assaults - it's the worst of both worlds, but the hardpoints on this mech force your hand.

Dakka (RAC2)

Added by Jay Z / Last updated: 8 Jun 2019
4x RAC2 + ECM (STD325)  

Quad RAC2 does indeed have ghost heat, but with enough heatsinks you can just ignore it. Fire all four for decent mid-range burst potential, and you can drop to firing three when heatcapped if you really need the extra sustain.

This build has no dorsal gun, so it's more survivable than most Marauder II builds.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019

This really should have three ERLL to be a decent build, like the King Crab, but this is the price you pay to have ECM. You could do 2LPL for midrange DPS, but the KGC-001 does that significantly better.


Added by Navid A1 / Last updated: 19 May 2019

What should be a good build is made awkward by a ghost heat limitation. Due to the HSL quirk, you can still fire two Gauss and one ERPPC simultaneously, but you will always have to fire the last ERPPC separately. At longer distances you can fire the two Gauss and then the two ERPPC to accommodate their leads separately.

PPFLD w/Stealth

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 25 Apr 2019

Not a lot of raw firepower for a 100-tonner, but plenty of range to work with, a decent profile, and stealth to keep attention away from you. Even under ideal conditions, this mech needs a fair amount of match time to be effective, which can be hard to come by in a fast-paced queue. Best played by quickly finding a position with good overwatch on the battlefield, and landing your shots carefully. Stealth should give you time to land the 40PPFLD exactly where it needs to go.


A terrible variant with worse hardpoints than the Atlas "Boar's Head", but has jumpjets and dual AMS. There is only one ballistic, which highly encourages usage of the largest option (HGauss), but that limits you to a STD engine, when 100-tonners really should be mounting dual HGauss instead of just one.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019

Again, a Boar's Head with a lower profile.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019

Truly pathetic alpha, vulnerable to being easily stripped. At least it has PPFLD free of ghost heat, and dual AMS, I guess.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019

STD engine so you can deadside the crap out of this without any qualms. Just show your left torso when you aren't shooting.


The Hero has a similar layout to the MAD-4L. It has the most ballistic hardpoints, but they are low mounted in the arms which are further slot-limited by the presence of lower arm actuators.

There simply aren't enough hardpoints here to run true dakka builds, and the mixture of limited energy and missile is awkward, so not many decent builds are available.


Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 8 Jun 2019

Brawl-centric build with some extra range thanks to well-quirked UAC10s. MRMs will need to be close to be truly effective, but let you farm some early damage when needed. This will heat-cap rapidly, leaving you with two quirked UAC10s to fall back on, but the burst DPS up to that cap is solid.

This build does not have a dorsal gun, so it is more survivable than most Marauder II builds.

Dakka (UAC10)

C-tierGen C-tierSpcl
Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019
2x UAC10 + 1x HPPC (LE320)  

Reasonable pseudo-pinpoint alpha and passable sustain.

Dakka (UAC5)

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 22 May 2019

Almost a true dakka build, but still underwhelming for a 100-tonner, and outgunned by lighter assaults.

Long-Range Dakka

Added by Metachanic / Last updated: 17 Apr 2019
4x UAC2 + 1x ERPPC (STD310)  

Good burst DPS from long range. UAC jam chance quirks make the UAC2s more reliable, but will mean this generates more heat than is typical for UAC2 mechs. Peek, fire until heat cap, and cool off while repositioning.

Quick info:
Marauder II
InnerSphere assault
100-ton battlemech
Avg Engine 325 (52.7kph)

A-tierx 1B-tierx 1C-tierx 4A-tierx 1C-tierx 5
Solaris7 coming soon
Public Vote coming soon

MAD-4ALaservomit w/ERLL
MAD-4LDakka (RAC2)